Driving you safely


Travel with confidence, knowing that all our drivers are trained in first aid.
The majority of our drivers have also benefited from C3P* excellence training, reserved only for the elite.


Historically known as a “Grande Remise*” in France, which is a guarantee of difference and seriousness, ELIOTT PRESTIGE thus marks the difference with conventional VTCs.
When changing the status of “Grande Remise*” transportation specialty, the company ELIOTT PRESTIGE was one of the first to be registered in the official register of operators and passenger vehicles with driver (LAW EVTC 92 10.0007)


* C3P: Physical protection Driver, option control and shielding.
* The name of “Grande Remise” goes back to the old regime in France, where was located near the Louvre, a “Big Horseback” and a “Small Horseback”, depending on the carriage size and quality of people being transported. These two expressions have remained to designate different vehicles with drivers, but the activity of “Grande Remise” is now officially called “Transportation Vehicle with Driver”.

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