Who is Eliott Prestige?


By creating Eliott Prestige, I knew that I was about to achieve something big. I recognized that I could give respected men and women in the business world, the opportunity to travel efficiently in all circumstances.

That task seemed difficult to me, but I am a person who enjoys a challenge and, over time, I have developed a relationship of trust with stakeholders.

A relationship that won’t stop so easily.


Nicolas Guibert,

You are an influencer and respected actor of economic life

Your professional success has given you a living environment that meets your requirements.
You appreciate efficiency, elegance and discretion when traveling. The company ELIOTT PRESTIGE accompanies you by putting at your disposal the most beautiful limousines as well as experienced drivers for your daily trips.
Apart from offering you premium comfort and the benefit of having a driver, the company ELIOTT PRESTIGE strives to offer you personalized services for your travels, business trips, private needs, tourism, events or roadshows.
With ELIOTT PRESTIGE, you can travel in the utmost discretion by limousine…
ELIOTT PRESTIGE is not just a car with driver.
It’s a service of excellence and prestige, a flawless professionalism, a confidence and a discretion which meets any of your requirements.




The guarantee of the Tourism Quality Label

In order to always better welcome you and improve the quality of tourist services in France, the State has created the Qualité Tourisme ™ brand. Qualité Tourisme was set up by the French State in 2005 to label the various professionals and institutions working in the tourism sector. Customers can trust this label, it recognizes companies offering quality services. The Qualité Tourisme ™ mark is the only state mark awarded to tourism professionals for the quality of their welcome and services. With the Qualité Tourisme label, a state brand, Eliott Prestige has been awarded the title of Limousine VTC.

A service adapted to the disabled

Eliott Prestige will provide all disabled people with support
personalized according to the access possibilities of each one within the limit of
possibilities provided by our range of vehicles only
standard (Dog allowed, Accompaniment provided on request, wheelchair
and ramps not available).

Strengthened COVID19 security measures

Find out about all the COVID19 measures put in place by Eliott Prestige to guarantee your safety.
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